Integrally Suppressed .300BO AR Upper

$1,499.99 $1,399.00

This is one BadA$$ AR Upper.  You have never seen a suppressed system like this I can assure you.  It is a MUST have!

Product Description

This is the new Integrally Suppressed .300 Blackout AR Upper by Witt Machine. Ready for transfer to your local Class 3 dealer. This is the shortest suppressed .300 Blackout Hog killing machine that you can own with one tax stamp. Lightweight, Compact, and quick to maneuver in any situation from hunting to home defense. You know Witt Machine from the many Muzzle Devices we install using their products.  Now they have designed this incredible AR Upper using some of our components in the build and we are excited about that but the real excitement comes from the overall function of this upper.  We took it out and ran it thru some range drills with a Field Editor from Soldier Of Fortune Magazine (Article scheduled for publication in Feb 2016).  Man oh Man! It is quiet…  We tested it with a Full Auto Lower and it rocked it all day long.  Using some wizardry and very creative design work Witt Machine has designed this Upper using a 16″ barrel and integrally suppressing it for a truly amazing set up that is quiet and ONLY requires ONE Tax Stamp to run a fully suppressed 16″ AR upper.  No more double tax stamps if you want to run a shorter barrel and no more crazy long systems that wont fit in your gear bags. You WANT this I promise you.  Get it now before your buddy sees this and gets one before you do.  Payment in Full is required for Class 3 Application. 5.56 Caliber is available by Special Order and Other Calibers are Build to Order as well. Specs: Titanium Suppressor Parts on Barrel 16″ Integrally Suppressed Barrel Mil Spec Upper Receiver w/ Fwd Assist Nickel Boron Treated BCG Charging Handle Hex Handguard Barrel Sleeve Available in: Polished Titanium, High Temp Graphite Black, or FDE Cerakote.  If no choice is indicated the default color is Polished Titanium. Weight: Upper weighs 4.4 lbs. Benefits: Extremely quiet – @ 118 db – with subsonic .300 Blackout ammo No possibility of baffle strikes No added length to barrel – it’s 16″ No change in POI or accuracy User serviceable titanium construction Unsurpassed Cooling Rate compared to conventional cans *CLASS 3 DEALER Required for Transfer.  This upper will transfer to the local Class 3 dealer of your choice on a Form 3, then be transferred to you by your dealer.* **DEALERS Welcome – Seeking DEALERS who want to stock this item Special Law Enforcement & Military Pricing Available.   FFL Information required before Shipping. All BATFE  & State Rules Apply.


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