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Many Have asked and Many Have Waited for us to have some of these Custom PHNX HexGuards Available for individual purchase in 15″ or 9″ only!

A FEW are NOW Available and a limited quantity can be waitlisted.

We are now taking a limited quantity of orders for these Custom PHNX HexGuards.  Its not quite a pre-order but its based on inventory availability of hand guards not dedicated to current builds.  These are made in small batch quantities and there is a risk of possible wait listing on the availability.  We are going to also ONLY make the Black Anodized Hand Guards available and not the other colored anodized Hand Guards due to the difficulty of color matching – there may be very rare exceptions that a color anodized Hand Guard is available but you must periodically call to check (we will not take orders for Colored Anodized Hand Guards that are not part of a Matching Receiver Set and that is a Custom / Special Order process).

The Custom PHNX HexGuard is a proprietary Custom Pattern and Custom Cut designed to match our Enhanced PHNX 52 receiver sets and make a light weight AR platform with attitude, uniqueness in design, and great functionality.  Each Hand Guard will come with 2x  4″ accessory rails.  These Rails are also proprietary in order to fit the “curve” of the round hand guard and give you matching receiver height.  There are threaded holes along the 4 sides of the hand guard up and down its length for total customization options of the shooter’s preference of accessory placement.  Best of all these Hand Guards will also fit DPMS formatted AR-10 Receivers and come with the correct barrel nut to allow for easy installation (you MUST inform us during your order that you plan to mount it to an AR-10 receiver otherwise all Hand Guards will automatically ship with AR-15 barrel nuts).

  • A first of Design Pattern in the Industry that makes for a unique look and individualized firearm
  • The Custom Bird’s Beak front cut gives it great attitude and extends the furthest possible sight radius for iron sights
  • The Pattern allows for a very comfortable unique non slip grip anywhere your support hand is placed along the hand guard – you will be surprised by the purchase it gives you.
  • The Pattern allows for weight reduction and still provides solid structural support in the hand guard
  • Actual Length maybe be approximately 8.815″ due to placement of cuts
  • Barrel Nut, mounting screws, instructions, and 1x  4″ Accessory Rails included
  • A number of Suppressors will fit inside the diameter of these rails for an AWESOME integrated look if you run a shorter barrel or install them on AR Pistols!


Due to these being released in limited quantities you will own a unique and very individualized hand guard if these are being mounted to anything other than a PHNX receiver set.  If you do op for a custom colored after market finish on them they really pop and look great adding to the one of a kind look.


Additional Information

Dimensions 10 x 3 x 3 in


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